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Korea 2000

  • Cindy the Perky
    My family took a two week trip to Korea in June of 2000. We visited several locations around the country including Seoul, the DMZ, Puson, and Kyong-Ju. This is a collection of the best photos from the trip.

U of M Solar Car Museum

  • Aurora 4
    This is a brief compilation of photos highlighting the Aurora series (1 thru 4) of solar cars built by the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project. A more detailed history can be found at the Project's website.

Curves & Curiosities

  • Aeronautic McDonalds
    This is a collection of photos that I took during my trip to the Ozarks and back over Spring Break 2004. There are a series of posts on my weblog containing more details about my adventures.

North Shore - 6.3.05

  • Swimming NOT Recommended
    I took a few photos on a brief trip up to the north shore of Lake Superior.

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March 04, 2004


Isaac Forti

High speed, low-drag – that’s what the Mazda MX-5 brings to the table. Commonly known as the Miata, this roadster packs 146 brake-horsepower under the bonnet. It might not seem much. But when you consider the fact that it’s as light as a feather, you will realize the amazing power-to-weight ratio it possesses. And because it has a spacious boot, you can fetch the kids from school after a spirited drive along the freeway.

CGS Motorsports

I have always love the Miata. My first Miata driven was, believe it or not, driven as my starter car in a Gran Turismo (GT) game.

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