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Korea 2000

  • Cindy the Perky
    My family took a two week trip to Korea in June of 2000. We visited several locations around the country including Seoul, the DMZ, Puson, and Kyong-Ju. This is a collection of the best photos from the trip.

U of M Solar Car Museum

  • Aurora 4
    This is a brief compilation of photos highlighting the Aurora series (1 thru 4) of solar cars built by the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project. A more detailed history can be found at the Project's website.

Curves & Curiosities

  • Aeronautic McDonalds
    This is a collection of photos that I took during my trip to the Ozarks and back over Spring Break 2004. There are a series of posts on my weblog containing more details about my adventures.

North Shore - 6.3.05

  • Swimming NOT Recommended
    I took a few photos on a brief trip up to the north shore of Lake Superior.

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February 14, 2004


Jason Halpern

Another book I recommend Travis is Michael Moore's "Downsize This!" in which he dissects issues from the mid to late-1990's including OJ's Trial, NAFTA, Presidential Elections, the image of the USA, et al. Corporate downsizing is the main theme to most of the chapters as suggested by the title.
Michael even has his Corporate CEO deck-of-cards, similar to the Iraqi War deck-of-cards. One of my favorite chapters was titled "Take That Pen Out of Bob Dole's Hand."

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